Hotel Ambasciatori Mestre - Mestre, Veneto, 30172, Italy


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Corso 211
Cucina Italiana ed Internazionale.

The restaurant will spoil you with an impressive selection of italian and international dishes, served with the best wines suggested by our expert sommeliers.
On request a vast choice of regional and national specialities: from steamed monkfish to Emilia ravioli, wholemeal pasta in anchovy sauce and Four-Cheeses Rigatoni.
Every two days, the chef proposes a menu that exhalts the combination between his art and Venetian culinary tradition.

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Lounge bar & Cocktail
Enjoy your cocktail in elegant surroundings.

The bar has a full list of exciting "aperitivi" and cocktails, all served in elegant surroundings.
Before dinner, guests can start off their evening in style here by enjoying a "spriz", a typical Veneto aperitif made up of Prosecco sparkling wine, Aperol or Bitter, and water, accompanied by a slice of orange.

In many Veneto towns in summer, the squares and the terraces of bars brim with groups of youngsters who have use the early-evening "spritz" as the right excuse for getting together: an all-Veneto ritual!

The Bar is open in the morning from 10:00 A.M. to 01:00 P.M., on afternoon from 04:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

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Hotel Ambasciatori Mestre
Corso Del Popolo 221
Mestre, Veneto, 30172, Italy
Call: +39 0415310699
+39 041 5310074


Hotel Ambasciatori Venezia Mestre

Comfortable, convenient! You know how tiresome it is to reach a hotel in Venice? Do not walk with suitcases, stop in Mestre! You will easily find Hotel Ambasciatori, park the car, store your baggage and you're immediately on vacation in your stylish, comfortable room. Order a drink or a snack at the bar and relax in the hotel's lounge. Every day the restaurant offers a menu of three courses that offers typical Italian and international cuisine at convenient prices. You can make free use of gym equipment. You can quickly go to Venice and back to the hotel at any hour of the day with public transport service. You can buy tickets at the hotel concierge. The hotel has 2 lifts and 93 air-conditioned rooms. The rooms, recently renovated, are equipped with windows that insulate from outside noise and not flammable furnishings. Please note the city tax is paid upon check in.