Hotel Ambasciatori Mestre - Mestre, Veneto, 30172, Italy


Let's stay in shape!

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A new bright, wide gym
equipped to satisfy all those who love sports.

Recently opened, the fitness center is free for the Hotel guests who will now be able to keep in shape by exercising with the latest gym's cardio-fitness professional equipment by TechnoGym.

Please get in touch with the Hotel concergierie to access the gym.
The fitness center is open every day from 07:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. .

List of the workout equipment

  • 1841_t_325_t_vert_traction_diago_picc

Vertical Traction
Specific training of lower and upper back muscles and arms
Back muscles, biceps

  • fitness-centre-rotary-torso-ico

Rotary Torso
Specific training of obliquus abds
Internal and external obliquus, quadratus lumborum, erector spinae

  • fitness-centre-low-row-ico

Low Row
Specific training of torso and back
Upper back, lats, biceps, rhomboid muscles

  • fitness-centre-leg-extension-ico

Leg Extension
Specific training of quadriceps

  • fitness-centre-chest-press-ico

Chest Press
Specific training of breast, shoulders and arms
Pectoralis major, deltoids, triceps

  • fitness-centre-chest-incline-ico

Chest Incline
Specific training of breast, shoulders 
Pectoralis major, deltoids

  • fitness-centre-adjustable-bench-ico

Adjustable Bench
Multi-purpose bench for exercises with barbell, dumbbells and bodyweight
Adjustable seat and backrest

  • fitness-centre-cardio-wave-ico

Cardio Wave®
Thanks to the exclusive movement it offers a unique workout, appreciated by athletes of all ages

  • fitness-centre-bike-forma-ico

Bike Forma
20 workout programs with 12 levels of difficulty

  • fitness-centre-tapis-roulant-forma-ico

Tapis Roulant Spazio Forma
Indicating your heart rate, the tool modifies its slope and spee, so you can practise workout that suits your skill level

  • fitness-centre-weights-gym-ico

Weights and dumbbells
The polyurethane coating increases safety, durability and handling

Hotel Ambasciatori Mestre
Corso Del Popolo 221
Mestre, Veneto, 30172, Italy
Call: +39 0415310699
+39 041 5310074


Hotel Ambasciatori Venezia Mestre

Comfortable, convenient! You know how tiresome it is to reach a hotel in Venice? Do not walk with suitcases, stop in Mestre! You will easily find Hotel Ambasciatori, park the car, store your baggage and you're immediately on vacation in your stylish, comfortable room. Order a drink or a snack at the bar and relax in the hotel's lounge. Every day the restaurant offers a menu of three courses that offers typical Italian and international cuisine at convenient prices. You can make free use of gym equipment. You can quickly go to Venice and back to the hotel at any hour of the day with public transport service. You can buy tickets at the hotel concierge. The hotel has 2 lifts and 93 air-conditioned rooms. The rooms, recently renovated, are equipped with windows that insulate from outside noise and not flammable furnishings. Please note the city tax is paid upon check in.